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Durashocks - The Bates DuraShocks® Comfort System cushions your every step for all day comfort and performance. This system reduces foot fatigue and returns energy with its patented compression pads in the forefoot and heel of the lightweight outsole. An exclusive dual density polymer footbed provides extra cushioning for ultimate comfort.

DuraShock Slip Resistant - All the benefits of the patented Bates DuraShocks® Comfort System with the added enhancement of a slip resistant outsole to keep you sure-footed on wet or slippery surfaces.

Security Friendly Footwear - Non-Metallic Components allows you to Move Quietly through Metal Detectors

CoolTech - CoolTech® foot cooling technology is a comfort system that actively cools your feet for dry, refreshing comfort. The "coolest" experience for personnel wearing high gloss oxfords.

Thinsulate(R) - ThinsulateTM insulation is a light, thin and highly efficient way to keep your feet warm. ThinsulateTM insulation dries quickly and breathes efficiently.

Steel Toe - Protects the toe area against falling objects or heavy rolling objects with steel protective cap.  Bates Boots & Shoes are laboratory tested to meet the high safety standards set by OSHA. Bates steel toe footwear meets or exceeds the ANSI standards for impact and compression resistance.

Thermolite - ThermoliteTM insulation gives warmth without bulk, absorbs less moisture and dries quicker than traditional insulating materials.

Non-Metallic Safety Toe - BatesTM footwear with SEMCTM safety-toes are rated ANSI Class 75. The SEMCTM safety-toes retain heat in severe cold, are 30% lighter than steel and are non-metallic for high security work environments.

Electrical Hazard - Reduces electrical hazards resulting from contact between the sole and electrically-energized parts or surfaces. All John Deere Boots & Shoes with safety features are laboratory  tested to meet the high safety standards set by OSHA.

Gore-Tex - The totally waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex® footwear from BatesTM promises to keep your feet dry and incredibly comfortable. The patented Gore-Tex® fabric booties will keep water out. Period. The Gore-Tex® technology in BatesTM uniform footwear delivers unsurpassed breathability by allowing perspiration vapor to pass through and out of your boot.

Cambelle - A fabric lining materials that breathes to move out heat and manage moisture so your feet stay dry and comfortable.

Vibram(R) - The name Vibram is a Registered Trademark. The Vibram(R) outsole is a deep, aggressive lug outsole with a proven record of dependability in rugged terrain. Lug soles have hard rubber cleats with sharp outside edges for digging in or wedging into hard surfaces such as rocks, dry dirt, or clay.


ANSI (American National Standards Institute) sets the standards for protective footwear. There are two basic requirements all safety footwear must meet: Impact and compression. There are three classification of each according to test results. 1/75, 1/50 and 1/30 are designations for test results done with a 50 pound weight dropped from a set height. C/75, C/50 and C/30 are designations of tests done compressing the safety toes at 2,500 pounds (C/75), 1,750 pounds (C/50) and 1,000 pounds (C/30). The toe must have a minimum clearance inside the toe area of the shoe of 16/32" for men's footwear and 15/32" for women's footwear after the tests are completed.

Waterproof - Bates Boots & Shoes have more than one way to defend feet against water. These styles are made waterproof using specially-sealed seams and waterproof leather. No need to worry about walking on wet terrain in these boots.

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