Features and Benefits of Harley Davidson Boots

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ComforTemp® lining with “dynamic climate control” increases comfort and performance under extreme hot and cold conditions. It stores the body’s heat and returns it when needed most and wicks away heat and moisture for unsurpassed cooling comfort. Thermal comfort and protection with less bulk and weight.

Gore-Tex® makes Harley-Davidson® Footwear waterproof and breathable. Perspiration escapes through the Gore-Tex® membrane, but water cannot get in.

Removable, full-cushion, dual-density polyurethane footbed with unique shock-absorbing compound cushions the foot with each step for increased comfort.

New outsoles with Clincher® Compound are oil, abrasion and slip resistant. In fact, they have earned one of the highest abrasion resistant test ratings (197) by the National Board of Safety (USA).

Water and abrasion-resistant leather material helps protect boots against riding wear and tear.

Steel Toe - Protects the toe area against falling objects or heavy rolling objects with steel protective cap. Harley Davidson Boots & Shoes are laboratory tested to meet OSHA's high safety standards.


Harley Davidson Boots & Shoes are laboratory tested to meet the high safety standards set by OSHA and meet all ANSI standards set by OSHA.

ANSI (American National Standards Institute)- Now ASTM Rated - sets the standards for protective footwear. There are two basic requirements all safety footwear must meet: Impact and compression. There are three classification of each according to test results. 1/75, 1/50 and 1/30 are designations for test results done with a 50 pound weight dropped from a set height. C/75, C/50 and C/30 are designations of tests done compressing the safety toes at 2,500 pounds (C/75), 1,750 pounds (C/50) and 1,000 pounds (C/30). The toe must have a minimum clearance inside the toe area of the shoe of 16/32" for men's footwear and 15/32" for women's footwear after the tests are completed.

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