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Even Harley boots have a life span - learn how to lengthen it.

Take care of your boots and your boots will take care of you. Harley boots donít need much, but if you want to get the most out of them, hereís what you do:

1. Clean `em:
Dust and dirt are bad for your boots. It infiltrates the seams and causes them to wear. It introduces micro-organisms that decay the leather. It dries out the leather and takes away tanning agents that keep it from cracking. And it clogs the minute pores in the leather that allow moisture vapor to escape, reducing the breathability of the GORE-TEXģ membrane.

Fortunately, cleaning your boots is easy. Use a soft bristle brush or a rag and scrub them under warm water. Donít dry them with heat, or you will damage the leather and outsole.

2. Waterproof `em:
Even if your boots have GORE-TEX ģ, which is 100% waterproof, itís still a good idea to periodically waterproof the leather. This will help keep it from absorbing too much water and becoming heavy and weakened. The same is true for boots that use a fabric panel in the upper.

There are many waterproofing products on the market, but we recommend water-based formulas because they perform best and do not harm leather or fabrics. Petroleum- or animal-based products, although widely used, are not recommended as they can over-soften the leather and cause damage.

3. Condition `em:
Conditioning prevents leather from drying out, and helps maintain the tanning agents that keep it supple. Ideal for breaking in a new pair of boots, conditioning products should also be applied periodically to revive leather and breathe new life into a well-used pair. We recommend water-based conditioners over animal-based or petroleum conditioners for prolonging the life of your boots.

4. Keep `em away from heat!
Outsole materials and glue are very sensitive to heat, so donít use heat to dry your boots or when applying boot care products. If your boots become wet inside, stuff dry newspaper in them overnight to absorb moisture, then let them sit until dry. Never put them next to a fire or heat source of any kind.

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