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Well, it was several years ago and we were living in Austin TX and I was doing carpenter work.  We had this friend, Buddy, that was the plumber on jobs we worked on.  One afternoon we were playing chess and bar-b-queing in the backyard and I started telling this story about snow skiing. 

My wife and I were headed for Angel Fire, NM one winter to go snow skiing.  We left early in the morning and drove almost all day and we were not out of Texas yet.  But we stopped in this town for a rest break.  They didn't have a convenience store but they did have a small grocery store and we bought lunch meat and bread and made sandwiches and got something cold to drink because it was about 85 degrees in the middle of winter.  The name of the town was Sheffield TX.

So I was telling Buddy about the hottest, dryest, most desolate city in the world, Sheffield, TX, when Buddy said I was wrong.  You see he was from Iraan, TX about 10 miles down the road from Sheffield.  He said Sheffield was the booming metropolis of that county, the place where everybody went on Saturday night to have fun.  He said Iraan (he pronounced it   I - re - ann) was actually the poorest, dryest, most desolate place on this earth.  He said the banker was the most prosperous man in the city because he owned both a burro and a windmill. 

     I know people must still be living there because I had a snakeboot order from a girl that lived outside Iraan.  They must be some of the toughest people on the face of the earth.


This is in the heart of west Texas, rattlesnakes, horned toads and cockleburs.

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