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Air Flow Comfort Orthotic System: Features gel heel and ball shock absorbers with a moisture control sock lining.

Alligator: Alligator skins have a high gloss finish with a deep, rich color. The distinctive squares are called “tiles.” Caiman is often substituted for alligator to produce fine western boots that beautiful and affordable.

American Bison: Popular leather for western and work boots because of its unique quality of being soft and mellow, yet tough as iron.

Antimicrobial: Treatment of the boot components that prevents odors and the growth of fungus. Agion is the only prevention system proven safe and effective enough to be called antimicrobial. John Deere WCT, Combine II, Miner, Filed Boots, and Canadian Safety Toe series feature Agion antimicrobial linings.

Antique Finish: This finish occurs where a contrasting color is sprayed on the leather surface giving it more depth. The leather is then rubbed to create highlights.

ASTM I75/C75: Laboratory testing to determine that safety toe footwear meets the testing standards for impact and compression.

Barnyard Acid Resistant: This specially treated leather is three times stronger and two and a half times more abrasion resistant. The boots are “pasture-poop-proof. This leather will resist alkali, sulfuric acid, calcium hydroxide, manure, urine and lactic acids. This process is used to make John Deere Combine II, Field Boots, and Canadian Safety Toes Series boots.

Bob: Eco-friendly heat, slip and chemical resistant rubber. Found on some of the John Deere ‘Field’ boots.

Brush-Off Leather: First the leather tannery adds color to the leather, and then in the boot manufacturing process a brushing wheel takes off some of the color for a richer finish.

Bullhide: Also known as shrunken shoulder, taken from the shoulder of the cow. In the tanning process the leather is shrunk to give it a textured appearance and toughness.

Burnished Leather: The surface of the leather is actually burned using high heat caused by friction, which gives the leather a much deeper, rich appearance.

Caiman: Found in Central & South America, these small to medium reptiles are desired for their unique look. Boots using caiman leather are prized for their high fashion look and feel. Sometimes also referred to as ‘caiman gator’.

Calfskin: The natural fine grain of calfskin is highly desired because of its high luster and shine.

Combine II: Named for the John Deere ‘Combine II’ work boot series. Made of rubber, the Combine II outsole is slip, heat and chemical resistant. Found on the John Deere ‘Tractor’, ‘Field’, and ‘Canadian Safety Toe’ Series boots.

Comfort Cushion: Insole provides comfort and cushion to the feet. The moisture wicking cover keeps feet cool and dry.

Composition: High abrasion resistant rubber provides for longer wear.

Corral: Oil, slip and heat resistant rubber outsole. Found on some of the John Deere ‘Field’ boots.

Cowboy Certified: TPU outsole designed for traction but ease in and out of the stirrup. Has a leather border for elegant finish. Found on many of the Dan Post Cowboy Certified Pro Series boots.

Crazy Horse: Natural leather that is hot stuffed with oils and waxes.

Crepe: Lightweight and resists abrasion for longer wear.

Crunch Leather: This leather has been bunched, exposed to high pressure then allowed to dry. The unique pattern is formed when angled sprays are applied to the finish.

Deer: Genuine deerskin is known for its soft and supple qualities. Deerskin shoes and boots are prized for their durability.

Deertanned: Cowhide leather tumbled repeatedly giving it softness and suppleness.

""Digger" Polyurethane"Extremely flexible and cushioning polyurethane, oil and chemical resistant. Found on the John Deere ‘Tractor’ Series boots, and the John Deere ‘Women’s’ Series boots.

Dingo Chevron Flex: High abrasion resistant rubber provides for longer wear.

Dingo Flex: High abrasion resistant rubber provides for longer wear.

Distressed: Leather that has been treated for a stylish effect.

Dual Density Work: Made of rubber and polyurethane, offers oil, slip and heat resistance. Outsole tread disperses water for stability.

Eel: Elegant, delicate exotic skin with a high shine and distinctive look. Eel skin boots and shoes have smooth, soft feel that gets more supple with use.

Electrical Hazard: Designed with special heel and sole materials to provide extra protection where accidental contact with electrically energizes objects is possible.

Exotic Prints: Leather or vinyl that is printed to replicate exotic skins. May be snake, lizard, bullhide, ostrich, or alligator. Exotic print boots provide a value alternative to traditionally more expensive leathers.

Fine Line Trucker: High abrasion, oil and slip resistant rubber.

Full-Grain Leather: Leather that is made from the first cut taken from the hair side of the hide from which nothing but the hair and associated epidermis has been removed. Scars, scratches or imperfections may be lightly buffed. The finest leather boots and shoes are made from full-grain leather.

Goat: Lightweight, tight grained leather known for its durability. Commonly used in western boots.

Goodyear Welt Construction: Recognized worldwide as a superior method of footwear construction for durability.

Laredo Flex: High abrasion resistant rubber provides for longer wear.

Leather: The dressed or tanned hide of an animal, usually with the hair removed.

Leather-like: Material resembling or made to resemble leather; tough but pliable.

Mad Cat: Another name for goat leather.

Metatarsal Guard: Flexible internal guard that protects the upper foot and toe area from "drop" hazards. John Deere Met Guard boots are tested to meet the standards set by OSHA.

Mignon: Soft full grain leathers that are soft and have a polished finish.

Mini-Lug: Rubber outsole with traction tread, oil and heat resistant.

MT75: Laboratory testing to set the standard for metatarsal guard footweear.

Nappa: Garment type leather that is extremely soft and supple.

Oil and Chemical Resistant: High abrasion, oil and heat resistant rubber.

Ostrich Leg: Bootmakers use the slick patterned skin from the leg creating a very unique look.

Ostrich: These flightless birds are from the south of Africa and are raised on commercial ranches. The unique grain with quill bumps is highly prized. Western boots are often made with either ‘quill’ (aka ‘full quill’) or smooth ostrich leg leathers.

Pigskin: Leather with a pronounced grain and high tensile strength that produces attractive, durable boots and shoes.

Pull-up: This popular leather is pumped with oil during the tanning process. The leather appears lighter where it is pulled or stretched. It is a better grade leather and is often used on work boots and shoes.

Puncture Resistant Steel Plate: Reduces the threat of dangers underfoot and meet all OSHA guidelines.

Python: This distinctive snake is a sub-species of the boa family found in Africa and Asia. The skins offer many unique patterns. Each python skin boot has is unique, because no two snake skins are the same.

Recycled Rubber Tire: Eco-Friendly rubber outsole made from recycled auto tires. The entire Code West line of boots features Recycled Rubber Tire soles.

Removable Air Flow Comfort Orthotic: Features gel heel and ball shock absorbers with a moisture control sock lining. It is designed so that as the weight of your foot compresses onto the back or forepart of the orthotic insole, air is dispersed through the ports to keep feet cool. Many of the John Deere boots come with the Removable Air Flow Comfort Orthotic system.

Removable Polyurethane Orthotic: Absorbs impact thereby reducing fatigue for superior comfort. Moisture wicking cover to keep feet cool and dry.

Rubber Grid: Heat, slip and oil resistant rubber. Eco-friendly and non-marking.

Safety Toe: Our safety toe boots are manufactured to meet or exceed all ASTM I75/C75 testing standards.

Shovel Test: Steel shank allows you to use the bottom of your boot to push a shovel.

Steel Toe: A steel toe cap is inserted between the lining and the outside leather offering protection to the toe area. All steel toe boots meets ASTM I75/C75 testing standards.

Stingray: aka the Manta Ray, this is a marine fish with distinctive white markings. It is found in tropical coastal waters throughout the world. Until recently, the skin of a stingray was too tough for bootmaking. Now tanneries have developed a method to soften the skin making it possible to use these great looking skins to make very durable boots & shoes.

Sueded Leather: During the tanning process, the fibers of the leather are separated to give the leather a nap or roughened finish. Suede boots and shoes are very soft and luxurious to the touch.

Sueded: High abrasion resistant rubber provides for longer wear has a sueded or textured finish.

Tempered Steel Shank: Protects and provides support for the arch.

Teju Lizard: Also known as the Alligator Lizard, the Teju lizard is found in the jungles of Central & South America and is known for its elegant, distinctive look and durable quality. Boots made of Teju lizard have narrow rows of tight scales which age beautifully.

Thermal Poly Rubber (TPR): Lightweight for comfort, resists abrasion for longer wear.

Thinsulate and Thinsulate Ultra Insulation: Insulation developed for those who demand extreme performance outdoors.

Turf: This polyurethane outsole is oil, slip and chemical resistant, provides for excellent cushioning and flexibility.

Ultimate Flex: Features genuine Poron insole cushion with microbial features to reduce foot odor and reduces step shock. Three part insole core gives flexibility to the foot and stability in the heel and arch. Comfort from Step One.

Ultimate Gel-Flex: High impact gel cushions under the ball and heel of the foot reducing fatigue and step shock. Has moisture wicking air vents to keep feet cool and dry. Ultimate Gel Flex insoles are found in all Dan Post Cowboy Certified boots.

Vibram Lug: Rubber outsole with aggressive tread for heavy duty wear. Oil and heat resistant.

Vibram Mini-lug: High abrasion, oil and heat resistant rubber.

Water Snake: These very poisonous, small, waterborne snakes are found in the waters of Asia. The scale pattern of the snakes produces a beautiful grain in boots and shoes made of its leather. They are more fragile than python and require more frequent care.

Waterproof Leather: Leather that is treated during the tanning process to resist moisture. Non-moisture wicking leather is tested 50,000 flexes without any water coming through the leather. Waterproof leather is especially effective in work boots and duty boots.

Waterproof Membrane: Also called "Waterproof Bootie Construction." Made into the boot to trap moisture between the lining and the leather outside boot.

Waxed Leather: During the tanning process, the leather is injected with hot wax throughout the skin giving the leather a burnished or pull-up finish.

WCT: aka ‘Work Comfort Technology’. Named for the John Deere ‘WCT’ work boot series. Tough, high abrasion and oil resistant Polyurethane.

Work Welt Oil Resistant: High abrasion, oil and heat resistant rubber, resists abrasion.

Worn Deer: Genuine deerskin that retains its natural finish, including scratches, during the tanning process.

Wrapped Cushion: 12mm polyurethane and foam insole provides comfort. The moisture wicking cover keeps feet cool and dry.


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